Editorial Board:

o    Computational Optimization and Applications (1992 -- Present)

o    Optimization Methods and Software (1998 - Present; [Regional Editor 1998 - 2005])

o    Optimization and Engineering (1999 -- Present)

o    Journal of Nonlinear and Convex Analysis (2000 -- Present)

o    SIAM Journal on Optimization (2003 -- 2011)

o    European Series of Applied and Industrial Mathematics (ESAIM): Control, Optimization and the Calculus of Variations (COCV) (2003 -- Present)

o    Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization (JIMO) (2004 -- Present)

o    Pacific Journal of Optimization (PJO) (2004 -- Present; [Co-Editor 2004 Present]) [PJO is an official journal of The Pacific Optimization Research Activity Group (POP).]

o    RAIRO-Operations Research (2004 -- Present)

o    International Journal of Operations Research (2004 -- Present)

o    Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications (2005 -- Present)

o    European Journal of Operational Research (2005 -- 2010)

o    Optimization Letters (2006 2012)

o    International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management (2006 Present)

o    Computational Management Science (2009 Present)

o    Numerical Algebra, Control and Optimization (2010 Present)

o    Journal of the Operations Research Society of China (2012 Present)

o    Scientae Mathematicae Japonicae (2012 Present)

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