Kyoto University - System Optimization Laboratory


In our laboratory, we consider the theory and the applications of mathematical optimization.

We mainly focus in the development of algorithms for nonlinear programming, semidefinite optimization, conic optimization, variational inequality and complementarity problems, robust optimization, multiobjective optimization, equilibrium problems, Riemannian optimization, etc.

For applications, we focus in machine learning, finance, wireless communications, transportation, game theory, etc.

General Information

How to enter in the laboratory? (if you wish to be enrolled here, please read it)
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Schedule - 1st Semester of 2024

Tuesdays (to be defined, every week) 15:00-17:00 B4 Seminar (Place: Research Blg. 8, room 213)
Wednesdays (every week) 15:00-17:00 Workshop (Place: Research Blg. 8, lecture room 3)
Thursdays (2 times a month) 13:15-15:15 Paper Introduction (Place: Research Blg. 8, lecture room 4)
Fridays (every week) 13:15-15:15 Book Seminar (Place: Research Blg. 8, room 213)

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Prof. Ellen H. Fukuda's e-mail: ellen (at)   (replace (at) with @).