Kyoto University - System Optimization Laboratory


Professor Nobuo Yamashita E-mail: nobuo (at)
Associate Professor Ellen Hidemi Fukuda E-mail: ellen (at)
Assistant Professor Yuya Yamakawa E-mail: yuya (at)

Assistant Administrative Staff

Yuiko Igura E-mail: igura (at)

Doctor Student - 3rd Year

Kangming Chen E-mail: kangming (at)

Master Students - 2nd Year

Huimin Li E-mail: (at)
Mamoru Oka E-mail: mamoru.oka (at)
Chihaya Ogawa E-mail: chihaya.ogawa (at)
Yuki Kawabata E-mail: y.kawabata (at)
Koudai Yamamoto E-mail: yamamoto.k (at)
Lingrui Li E-mail: lingrui (at)

Master Students - 1st Year

Shunsuke Harada E-mail: shunsuke.harada (at)
Koshin Matsuoka E-mail: koshin.mat (at)
Masaya Miyoshi E-mail: masaya.miyoshi (at)
Ningkang Chang E-mail: nk.chang (at)
XingRun Li E-mail: (at)
Yong Xu E-mail: yong.xu (at)

Research Student

Lokendra Kumar E-mail: not defined

Bachelor Students - 4th Year

Natsuki Itano E-mail: natsuki.itano (at)
Ryo Funahashi E-mail: ryo.funahashi (at)
Kotaro Matsuda E-mail: kotaro.matsuda (at)


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