Kyoto University - System Optimization Laboratory

Doctoral Theses

Mar, 2023 Atsushi Hori
Models, Algorithms, and Distributional Robustness in Nash Games and Related Problems
Sep, 2022 Hiroki Tanabe
Composite Multi-Objective Optimization: Theory and Algorithms
Sep, 2021 Shota Yamanaka
Studies on Optimization Problems with Positively Homogeneous Functions and Associated Duality Results
Sep, 2020 Yan Gu
Studies on Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers with Adaptive Proximal Terms for Convex Optimization Problems
Mar, 2015 Yuya Yamakawa
Studies on Optimization Methods for Nonlinear Semidefinite Programming Problems
Xiaoqin Hua
Studies on Block Coordinate Gradient Methods for Nonlinear Optimization Problems with Separable Structure
Mar, 2013 Takayuki Okuno
Studies on Algorithms for Solving Generalized Second-Order Cone Programming Problems
Sep, 2012 Ming Hu
Studies on Multi-Leader-Follower Games and Related Issues
Mar, 2012 Bun Theang Ong
Studies on Automatic Termination Criteria for Evolutionary Computation
Kenji Ueda
Studies on Regularized Newton-Type Methods For Unconstrained Minimization Problems and Their Global Complexity Bounds
Mar, 2011 Emad H. A. Mabrouk
Meta-Heuristics Programming and Its Applications
Mar, 2009 Mend-Amar Majig
Studies on Global Optimization Approach for General Variational Inequality Problems
Yoichi Tanaka
数理最適化によるコージェネレーションシステムの設計と運用に関する研究 (in Japanese)
Jan, 2009 Rhoda Padua Agdeppa
Studies on Mathematical Models of Traffic Equilibria
Mar, 2008 Michi Nishihara
Studies on Optimization Models on Financial and Real Options
Sep, 2007 Dashan Huang
Studies on Quantitative Finance via Operations Research Methods
Mar, 2007 Gen-Ichi Emoto
リアルタイムプロセス最適化技術の高度化に関する研究 (in Japanese)
Mar, 2005 Shunsuke Hayashi
Studies on Second-Order Cone Complementarity Problems
Shintaro Kumano
数理最適化によるリスク管理手法に関する研究 (in Japanese)
Sep, 2004 Abdel-Rahman Hedar A. Ahmed
Studies on Metaheuristics for Continuous Global Optimization Problems
Hiroshige Dan
Studies on Algorithms for Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization and Related Problems
Mar, 2004 Gui-Hua Lin
Studies on Methods for Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints
Dec, 2003 Hiroyuki Masuyama
Studies on Algorithmic Analysis of Queues with Batch Markovian Arrival Streams